Youth Ministry

Developing Student-Led Ministry Teams for the 4/14 Academy (YM3)

This 45-minute micro-course, developed by OneHope and Dr. Dave Keehn of Biola University, introduces you to the relevance of empowering youth to lead and serve in your ministry. Additionally, this course will guide you in identifying the elements that will help youth to discover their place to serve in ministry by developing student-led ministry teams, growing teenagers into their full spiritual potential alongside adult mentors.
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Section 1: Empowering Youth to Lead and Serve
  • Video Lesson: Empowering Youth to Lead and Serve
  • Knowledge Check: Empowering Youth to Lead and Serve
  • Section 2: Why Youth Should Lead
  • Video Lesson: Why Youth Should Lead
  • Knowledge Check: Why Youth Should Lead
  • Section 3: Empowering Youth
  • Video Lesson: Empowering Youth
  • Knowledge Check: Empowering Youth
  • Section 4: "Thing About This..." Activity
  • Developing Student-Led Ministry Teams
  • Section 5: End-of-Course Survey
  • End-of-Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed